Is there any financial aid available for this program and if so how do I apply?

The MSSE Program is committed to providing financial access to a quality education. Applicants must complete the “need-based grant application” section of the admissions application to be considered for a need-based award. All admitted applicants are automatically considered for merit-based awards; no additional application materials are required. Financial assistance and student loans are available through the Offices of Financial Aid. To apply for Financial Aid, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application: • Select academic year. • Include UC Berkeley school code 001312. • Students must report most recent tax information. • Students who wish to be considered for need-based scholarships must also complete the Parental Data section of the FAFSA form. (The federal instructions will indicate parental data is not needed for federal loans. However, in order to assess relative financial need for institutional scholarships, parental data will be analyzed). For students under the age of 30 by December 31, 2019, parents’ information must be submitted on the FAFSA to be considered for Full Funding. International Students – please contact us for more information. For more information about graduate student financial aid, please go to: