What does the Berkeley Master of MSSE degree offer that other programs don’t?

“The MSSE Professional Master’s degree is the first truly interdisciplinary Master’s program at UC Berkeley. It offers in-demand skills that allow its graduates to easily fit in a multidisciplinary team. Skills such as software engineering practices, leadership and management, molecular modeling and machine learning are not only taught by UC Berkeley professors and researchers but also, they are applied to real-world projects from industry and government labs through capstone projects. The degree utilizes the immense strengths of multiple departments, colleges, and institutes. In our first course offerings for the MSSE program we have worked with the departments of Chemistry, Statistics, and Computer Science, as well as the Fung Institute. While these departments offer individual computational and software courses in the component areas of their target constituency, these courses have not been integrated into a coherent academic program and furthermore do not address training in business analytics or project management. “