MSSE is a program designed to formally train students in computational science and to provide them with the tools to develop best software engineering practices along with the leadership and management skills needed to lead large software enterprises. The program combines the immense intellectual strengths of the College of Chemistry and the College of Engineering with online courses created by world experts and committed faculty in the training of the next generation of leaders in scientific computing and software engineering. One of the central missions of MSSE is to develop a workforce that is highly prepared to work in a multidisciplinary environment and build software infrastructures that are robust, portable, extensible, and easy to use. Another central mission is to develop a diverse workforce, with special emphasis on overcoming the low participation levels of women and underrepresented groups in computational science and software engineering and leadership representation in these areas. The MSSE program launches with a two-week boot camp on the UC Berkeley campus, providing students with an overview of topics relevant to programming and creating software projects. Students will then complete 30 units of online coursework either part-time or full-time. The curriculum includes a capstone project with an industrial or government lab partner.  


Are you ready to accelerate your career in the software and high end computing industry? To learn more about our 15-month Master of Molecular and Software Engineering program, join us for a recorded information session where students, staff, and faculty discuss and answer questions about our interdisciplinary cohort, leadership curriculum, and admissions criteria.