Career Advantage

The Berkeley MSSE degree prepares students for careers in computational science, data science, machine learning, and software engineering. The program is designed to train students with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, or from other physical science disciplines.The MSSE provides students with the tools, software engineering practices, plus leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills needed to create or lead science- or engineering-based enterprises.

While the MSSE degree focuses on the molecular sciences, the skills it provides are suitable for any student pursuing careers both in science and or non-science based industries that require advanced machine learning, complex mathematical modeling and simulations, software engineering, or high-performance computing.

Explore Careers with MSSE

Computational Scientists

Average Starting Salary $119,850

Machine Learning Engineers

Average Starting Salary $124,742

Simulation and Modeling Engineer

Average Starting Salary $111,900

Software Engineer

Average Starting Salary $118,997

Computational Chemist

Average Starting Salary $110,035

AI Engineer

Average Starting Salary $127,374

Bioinformatics Engineer

Average Starting Salary $117,928

Compuational Biologist

Average Starting Salary $105,953

Quantum Computing Engineer

Average Starting Salary $158,376