Welcome MSSE Cohort of 2022


This new admit website provides the resources needed to help you decide whether to enroll in the Berkeley MEng program. Please take the time to read through the information on these pages and attend our welcome event. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff is here to answer your questions and offer advice.

Next Steps

Respond to Your Offer

Secure your spot by submitting the “Reply to the Offer of Admission” form, located in your official offer of admission email from the Graduate Division. The deadline to commit is Friday, April 15, 2022.

Apply for Grants

Additionally, we encourage you to review UC Berkeley Graduate division’s guide to fellowships and grants.

Join the MSSE Slack

Please use the below link or the email invitation sent to join the MSSE Slack. We will be using Slack for announcements and opportunities, and you can introduce yourself to fellow admits and current students.

Virtual Visit Day

We will be hosting a virtual visit day before April 15th where you can meet fellow admits as well as your future professors. Please fill out the below form so we schedule the event at a time where as many of you as possible can attend.

FAQ for Admitted Students

Workforce readiness in the development and use of software and high end computing infrastructure is seen as a limiting factor in addressing what will certainly be even more complex grand challenge science problems as well as societal issues of the future. Standard MS degrees do not tackle these highly multidisciplinary and technological demands. There has been a paradigm shift that the computational sciences disciplines, broadly defined, would be better served through the training of a Professional Master’s in computational “technology” that can integrate these individuals into software related industries with a well-defined reward and promotion structure. Such professional training may overcome one of the primary challenges of defining a career track for a computational “generalist” who can move smoothly into and out of the related science domains of molecular simulation, quantum chemistry, condensed matter physics, computational materials, etc as needs arise for their expertise, and have those contributions integrated into a degree-granting home that recognizes their value. It also addresses a vacuum in management and leadership in the simulation software sciences that have a rich ecosystem of code bases and users that intersect with literally thousands of institutions and industries world-wide, thereby making software project management a growing issue.

MSSE students have the option of taking summer courses online. We are currently trying to increase the in-person offerings for students who would like more in-person courses.

The program is currently approved to admit students in the Fall of each year. There may be opportunities in the future to offer students greater enrollment and completion flexibility.

MSSE prepares you for careers as bioinformatician, data scientist, data analyst, software engineer, cheminformatics software engineer, computational chemist.

The response to your offer of admission is non-binding if you are unsure of your financial ability to enroll in the program. If this applies to you, please reach out to us over email at msse@berkeley.edu.