The Capstone Project

Get hands-on experience working on a problem in the computational sciences.

At the end of the program, students partner with companies and labs to address complex and challenging machine learning and software engineering problems. Projects may be self-contained or part of a larger business initiative. Supervised by a faculty member, students will spend 10 hours a week working on their capstone for 16 weeks during their last spring semester.

Project Tracks

Projects may consist of software development, machine learning, mathematical modeling and simulations, and high-performance computing. Given the wide variety of student backgrounds, professional interests, and computational science topics covered in the MSSE program, the capstone projects will be classified into one of the following three professional interdisciplinary tracks:

1. Scientific Problem.

A project on this track focuses on the research and development of a computational science application. Students understand the scientific problem at hand and the impact that their project will have in a particular field of science.

2. Large Scale Computing.

A project on this track focuses on the development of large-scale software libraries, tools, or computational applications relevant to molecular science. Students understand the need for scaling a given computational application, the computational complexity of applications and key kernels, and the impact that the project deliverables will have in a particular field of science.

3.Software Engineering and Algorithms.

A project on this track focuses on the development of a library or software package for computational sciences applying the best practices of software engineering and covering all elements of the software engineering cycle. Students understand the need for such a library or service to the computational science community.

Capstone Partnership Timeline


Projects Recommended to Students

Faculty committee recommends students to partner organizations.


Students Assigned to Capstone Projects

Companies can interview the candidates and decide whether to move forward with them. NDAs and IP agreements established if necessary.


Capstone Begins

MSSE faculty mentors supervise each capstone's developmental milestones.


Capstone Ends

Student team prepares and presents final report to stakeholders.