The AY2022 approved fee is $2,546 per unit regardless of residency. Students normally enroll in 16 units the first year and 14 units the second year. This fee structure enables students to complete all 30 units in one year when all courses are provided every semester. The fee does not include any applicable campus-based fees, … Continue Reading »

The MSSE Program is committed to providing financial access to a quality education. Applicants must complete the “need-based grant application” section of the admissions application to be considered for a need-based award. All admitted applicants are automatically considered for merit-based awards; no additional application materials are required. Financial assistance and student loans are available through … Continue Reading »

MSSE provides opportunities for students to connect with our industry and government lab partners.

MSSE’s curriculum includes a captsone project which is a project done is collaboration with our industry partmers. In addition, we offer opportunities to collaborate with industry partners who may need help on various projects.

MSSE prepares you for careers as bioinformatician, data scientist, data analyst, software engineer, cheminformatics software engineer, computational chemist.

You can learn more about FA options on the Graduate Admissions web site.

Yes, almost all the MSSE courses include projects.

Applications for Fall 2022 open in September 2021, and close January 2022. Sign up for our mailing list for more updates!

Our program launched in 2019. It is small but it is expected to grow in the next few years.